Cadboro Bay and Ten Mile Point

I grew up in Cadboro Bay, on Scolton Road to be exact. 

If you ask me about it now, I’ll still tell you it’s the best place to grow up in Canada, probably North America, and maybe even the world.

After spending a few years of my life chasing a degree, touchdowns, and adventure, I’ve developed a new admiration and love for where I grew up.  I feel as if the tiniest details of the area surrounding Cadboro Bay Village are etched in my memory.  The path to Frank Hobbs, the arbutus trees hanging over Gyro Park, and the secret paths and staircases that lead you to private beaches.

There’s nothing like it, and the opportunities to buy a home here are few and far between.  It is extremely valuable Real Estate in my mind, and its recognition as a destination neighbourhood in Victoria is growing.  Cadboro Bay and Ten Mile Point combine the exclusivity of private, tree-lined streets, with ocean views, and accessibility to some of the best schools and parks in the city.  This family-friendly community is coupled with a quaint village that is quite capable of filling us to the brim with food, beverage (of the grape, hop, or bean variety), and plenty of window shopping.  I’ll meet you at ‘Olive’s’ for a coffee.

Although the entirety of the Victoria Real Estate Market has been on the rise since 2015, the availability of homes in Cadboro Bay and Ten Mile Point is limited.  The highest number of active listings since January of 2016 at any one time was 13.  




Sale Price to List Price Ratio in 2018

The other attribute is the variety of of pricepoints available. There are luxury waterfront properties that sit along the outside of a family friendly community of predominantly 1970’s homes. Because of the disparity, it becomes problematic to look at average house price because of the presence of 2M+ properties.

Nevertheless, it’s important to observe the changes over the last decade.  By pooling all of the sales of Single Family Residential homes in Cadboro Bay, Arbutus, and Ten-Mile Point, the average sale price in 2008 was 892,000.  In 2017, the average was 1.53 M.  

Whichever trends prevail in the future, I’m certain that Cadboro Bay and Ten-Mile Point will continue to grow as a sought after community in the Greater Victoria Area.  It embodies the best version of a seaside community I can imagine where you can walk in any direction and find a beach.  If you’re moving to, or moving away, Cadboro Bay and Ten-Mile point will have made an impression on you.


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