Downtown Victoria


Average Sale Price Increase from 2015-2018

Victoria’s Downtown combines the very best of it’s heritage, location, and people. 

Depending on what part of the city you find yourself in, you will constantly be reminded of the wonderful history that built the Capital City.  From the Inner Harbour’s iconic Parliament Buildings and Empress Hotel, to the narrow alleyways of the Oldest Chinatown in Canada, you will find your new favorite coffee shop, shopping, or friend, right around the corner.

It always amazes me how often I discover something totally new downtown.  You can live here for half a century and still never have noticed so many of the thresholds and people that make this city so amazing.

 In so many ways, our downtown hub tells the story of the Greater Victoria Area.  The combination of cultures, age groups, and interests all enjoying the smell of the ocean and snow-white peaks in the distance.  It all comes neatly packaged in different parcels with a different look and feel.



Because of all of these aforementioned benefits, there has been a huge push for new development in the Downtown Core.

People from around the Island, the Lower Mainland, other parts of Canada, and abroad are seeking out sleek brand new condos in a steadily growing downtown community.  Access to nightlife, fantastic restaurants and bars that are too many to name comes in tandem with access to the natural beauty the southern tip of Vancouver Island.

One of the major changes effecting Victoria’s downtown condo market currently are proposed regulations to tax owners of investment properties coined ‘The Speculation Tax’.  It has caused uproar from those in Victoria and across the country, from a city that has for decades been an attractive location in Canada for ‘Snow Birds’.


Condo Developments currently proposed or in construction


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